Public space opens for all: Discuss what people urge & address what public needs.

Our mission is to provide space for the community of citizens. So that in this infinite game, we all celebrate democracy by finding out what our shared needs and goals are – discussing and articulating them into public issues to encourage cultural and structural changes.

Safe space for everyone

We believe that democracy starts from a shared space that is safe and comfortable for all. All forms of expression are accommodated as a community necessity.

It starts from an axiomatic statement: uniformity detracts ideas, whereas diversity causes the otherwise. Conditions without various thoughts and ideas are very dangerous to democracy which is supposed to accommodate the aspirations of all citizen communities.

Standup for the marginalized groups

Ideally, we all start from the same starting line. Safe space is not only for visible communities but also strengthens the position and role of minority groups and those marginalized in a public space.

Taking sides with them makes their presence meaningful, and their aspirations can be well amplified without distortion of reality or bias of the dominant group.

Power to discover, create, and share

The energy accumulated from a sense of security and comfort in a shared space will produce a joint force to create new ideas and ideas. Imagination created in this condition will be very constructive and oriented towards progress.

At least at this point, people can start discovering, enriching, and distributing their ideas to the community.

Deliberate idea and notion

A heterogeneous community will never create absolute unanimity. Debate, discussion, or objection will enrich ideas and notions themselves. Every room of error and problem must be regularly tested and critiqued to produce constantly improved and enhanced ideas.

The position of democracy as a very loud space will be tested. Ideas and ideals are contested in the empirical and scientific realms, using thoughts without bias and fallacy.


Like many other means of life, public space is a place that has been fought over and controlled by dominant groups for centuries. The current values ​​of democracy, which are also ultimately in line with the values ​of universality and modern morality, allow us to challenge the dominant position that has been the status quo and begin to make room for the voices of outliers.

It is important to understand that our current position, better and in relatively peaceful conditions than in the past – without war or unrest – is a collective choice and will that was previously fought. History records threats and actions to arouse public fear will pay the price.

In the end, the universal values ​​and generosity of the community are the determining factors to realizing our mission above. We strongly encourage the community to continue to share public spaces with a greater purpose and mission to achieve common progress without the need to eliminate other groups.